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Bankera fuligineoalba   (Blushing Flagrant Tooth)
Cap 5-10 cm diameter; stem 2-5 cm tall * 0.5-2 cm thick

Bankera fuligineoalba, also known as Blushing Flagrant Tooth, is a medium to large, fleshy to fibrous cap with spiny under surface. It is dark yellowish-brown at center to yellowish pink or pinkish-brown on margin. It becomes much darker and quickly water-soaked in wet weather.

Cap convex at first, becoming flat or depressed at center. Margin thin, in-curved when young, lobed and wavy later. At first pallid, then brown with yellow or red tinges, remaining more pallid at the margin. Pine needles adhere to densely mattered surface fibrils. The flesh is soft and brittle. Stem white at the apex, becoming dull brownish below, equal or tapered towards the base, downy, sometimes eccentric.

Similar species Bankera violascens has a clean, regularly shaped cap with lilac tints; it grown with spruce. Sarcodon species have colored spores.

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