Bovista nigrescens (Brown puffball)
North and West Europe
3-6 cm diameter * 3-6 cm tall
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Bovista nigrescens is a small, white, puffball, often referred to as the paltry puffball is attached to the substrate by a single mycelial cord. It grows solitary or in scattered troops in grass and pastureland mostly in late summer to autumn.

Fruiting body roughly spherical and slightly pointed at the bottom. The outer wall is white at first, but soon flakes off in large scales at maturity to expose the dark purple-brown to blackish inner wall that encloses the spore mass. Spore mass is at first white and firm, becoming clay-brown and finally olive-brown and powdery. Spores are brown.

Microscopic Features: The spores are ovoid and brown, measuring between 4.5-6 ┬Ám in diameter. They have a thick wall and appear mostly smooth, with a central oil droplet and a warted pedicel extending outwards.

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