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Chalciporus piperatus   (Peppery Bolete)
North America, Europe
Cap 3-5 cm diameter, stem 4-6 cm tall * 0.3-1 cm thick

Chalciporus piperatus, also know as Peppery Bolete, is a very small bolete that is cinnamon-brown throughout, except for the chrome-yellow stem flesh; it does not stain blue on bruising. The slightly greasy cap is convex in shape, and the stem is slender; the tubes are 0.3-1 cm long. The flesh has an intensely hot and peppery flavour, making this species inedible, although it has been used as a spice.

Cap initially convex before flattening out in age, tubes are adnate to decurrent. Pores are angular cinnamon to rust brown. Spores are susty brown.

Similar species Chalciporus piparatoides it similar but can be distinguished by the blue bruising of its cap, tubes, and pores. Chalciporus amarellus has pinker coloring and a less peppery taste.

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