Clitopilus prunulus (The Miller)
North America, Europe
5-12 cm diameter * 1.5-4 cm tall
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Clitopilus prunulus also known as The Miller is a medium-sized mushroom with a pale grey-white cap and decurrent, pale pink gills, combined with a strong smell of fresh bread dough. It is a saprotrophic fungus, meaning it obtains its nutrients by decomposing organic matter. It is commonly found in deciduous forests, especially among hardwood trees like oaks, beeches, and birches. It prefers damp and shaded environments with abundant organic matter on the forest floor.

Cap white or light grey or yellow, convex to funnel-shaped that may have an inrolled margin, sticky when moist. Gills deeply decurrent, spaced together rather closely, and whitish, although they often develop a pinkish hue in age. Stem is central or off-centre and is similar in colour to the cap. The stem has no stem ring. Spore print brownish pink.

Microscopic Features: Spores are ellipsoidal, oblong, or amygdaloid in shape, measuring 9-12μm in length and 4-6μm in width. They are ornamented with 6 to 8 longitudinal ridges.

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