Cortinarius violaceus (Violet Cort)
North America, Europe
Cap 6-12 cm diameter, stem 5-12 cm tall * 1-2 cm thick
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Cortinarius violaceus, also known as the Violet Webcap or Violet Cort is a fungus in the webcap genus Cortinarius native across the Northern Hemisphere. The mushroom grows in limestone and chalk-rich woodland habitats mainly under Beeches and other broadleaf trees but also very occasionally with conifers. This mushroom fruits in late summer and autumn.

Cap starts as convex, then becomes broadly convex, nearly flat, or slightly bell-shaped. Its texture shifts from densely hairy to fuzzy or scaly, while its colour changes from deep purple to brownish purple and eventually dark brown. Gills adnate (attached to the stem), moderately spaced and purple when young. As the spores mature, the gills turn rusty brown and eventually they are stained dark by the spores. Stem swollen at the base or assumes a club-like shape, purple and fibrous. Spore print rusty brown.

Microscopic Features: Spores are ellipsoidal to amygdaliform (resembling an almond) in shape, measuring 11.5-14.5 x 7-9μm. They have thick walls and a somewhat ventricose appearance (slightly swollen on one side). The spores are inamyloid.

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