Gymnopilus picreus (Bitter Oak-Stump Mushroom)
Europe, North America
Cap 2-4 cm diameter, stem 4-7 cm tall * 0.4-1 cm diameter
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Gymnopilus picreus is a medium-sized saprotrophic agaric with an orange-brown cap that grows on conifer wood and sometimes on hardwood. Fruit bodies appear in summer and autumn. Many mycologists disagree about what gymnopilus picreus looks like, and it is possible that the name has accidentally been given to multiple species.

Cap bell-shaped at first, later flattening out and orange-brown coloured. Gills adnexed or adnate, colour vivid yellow. Stem darker orange-brown than the cap and darkening towards the base, covered with small light grey scales.

Microscopic Features: The spores are ellipsoid or subellipsoid in shape, smooth or finely roughened, with dimensions of approximately 8-11 x 5-7 μm.

Similar species include Galerina marginata.

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