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Hortiboletus rubellus   (Ruby Bolete)
Europe, Eastern United States
Cap 6 cm; stem 7,5 cm tall * 1-3 cm diameter

Hortiboletus rubellus, also known as Xerocomellus rubellus or Ruby Bolete, is a relatively small bolete with scarlet to raspberry red cap, reddish stem and yellow pores, occurring largely with oak.

Cap scarlet to raspberry red when young, with a dry velvety texture. The extreme margin often has a pale yellow or white band around it, and it discolours darker, and dirtier with age. Pores small; pale yellow, and bruise slowly. Spores the spore print is olive. Stem slender and long. It is lemon yellow at the apex, but red elsewhere, and has a tendency to split or sheer vertically.

Similar species Hortiboletus Simonini.

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