Imleria badia (Bay Bolete)
North America, Europe
Cap 4-14 cm diameter, stem 4-12 cm tall * 1-4 cm diameter
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Imleria badia, commonly known as Bay Bolete, is a large bolete with a bay-brown cap and pale yellow pores that bruises distinctively bluish green, which makes it a fairly easily recognized bolete. It typically grows on the ground, often in association with coniferous or mixed woods.

Cap chestnut to dark brown, sometimes with brick-red or ochre tinges; almost spherical in young specimens before broadening and flattening out. It is at first downy, becoming smooth and polished, somewhat sticky when damp. The flesh is white or lemon-yellow. Where cut, it becomes faintly blue. Pores initially cream to pale yellow but become greenish-yellow or olive with age. Stem enlarged at the base, pale yellowish to pale brownish color near the top, transitioning to brown or reddish-brown lower down and relatively slim and cylindrical (compared to many other boletes). The stem has no ring. Spore print olivaceous-brown.

Microscopic Features: The spores are subfusiform, measuring approximately 12-15 x 4-5μm in size.

Synonyms of Imleria badia include Boletus badius, Ixocomus badius and Xerocomus badius.

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