Inocybe geophylla (White Fibrecap)
Europe, North America
Cap 1.5-3.5 cm diameter, stem 1-6 cm tall * 0.3-0.6 cm thick
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Inocybe geophylla, commonly known as White Fibercap, Earthy Inocybe or Common White Inocybe is a small all-white or cream mushroom with a fibrous silky umbonate cap and adnexed gills. It grows under both conifer and deciduous trees in summer and autumn.

Cap white with a yellowish tinge, initially conical, becoming broadly bell-shaped or broadly convex, usually retaining a pointed umbo and streaky radial fibres that in dry weather tend to tear into strips towards the edge of the cap. The cap fades to ochre-brown from the centre as the fruitbody ages. The flesh is white and thin. Gills cream coloured, becoming buff, adnexed and crowded. Stem coloured as the cap but gradually turns clay-brown with age, fairly firm, smooth and silky, sometimes slightly fibrillose towards the base and lacks a ring. Spore print dull brown.

Microscopic Features: The spores have a smooth, elliptical morphology, ranging in size from 7.5-10μm x 4.5-5.5μm.

Note: There are two common varieties of this species: the White Fibrecap, Inocybe geophylla and the Lilac Fibrecap, Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina.

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