Lactarius mammosus (Dark Coconut Milkcap)
Cap 4-12 cm diameter; stem 3-7 cm tall x 0.5-2 cm diameter
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Lactarius mammosus is a largish agaric that has a grey cap and pale gills and stem and exudes white milk. It grows solitary or in scattered groups on boggy soil under coniferous trees, mainly pine.

Cap convex, later flattening or with a depression, sometimes with a flat to pointed umbo, margin at first somewhat inrolled; brownish, vinaceous-grey to umber or hazel, sometimes with one or more concentric bands; moderately thick, firm, surface dry, of feathery, adpressed fibres breaking into small, low, fibrous scales. Gills adnate to slightly decurrent, crowded; rosy buff, later darker with an orange tinge. The milk is white and tastes mild, then hot or very hot, with the smell of coconut. Flesh whitish to buff. Stem whitish or tinged with the cap colour, bruising pale cinnamon-brown and has no ring. Spore print cream coloured.

Microscopic Features: The spores measure approximately 6.5-9 µm in length and 5-6.5 µm in width, appearing oval-rounded in shape.

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