Leratiomyces magnivelaris
Europe, North America
Cap 1.5-6 cm diameter, stem 5-8.5 cm tall * 0.4-0.7 cm diameter
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Leratiomyces magnivelaris is a small agaric that grows scattered or gregariously in waste places, grassy areas, and wood chips. It has a pale greyish-yellow to ochraceous cap and usually a ring darkened by falling spores.

Cap initially convex, later becoming broadly convex or broadly bell-shaped. It is sticky when fresh but soon dries. It ranges in colour from pale greyish yellow to ochraceous to brownish orange, with scattered, floccose scales that increase toward the margin. The margin is adorned with hanging white partial veil remnants, particularly when young. It is not strongly hygrophanous. Gills either attached to the stem or starting to run down it. They are close together, initially whitish in colour, then transitioning to purplish-grey to purple-black. Stem equal to enlarged towards the apex and tapering below and white to dingy yellowish. The partial veil is membranous, leaving a thick, white membranous annulus, often flaring, which can deteriorate into an annular zone. Spore print dark purplish brown.

Microscopic Features: Spores are smooth, ellipsoidal, measuring 13-15 µm in length and 6-8 µm in width.

Synonyms: Stropharia magnivelaris and Stropholoma magnivelaris are synonyms.

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