Marasmius rotula (Collared Parachute)
Europe, North America
Cap 0.5-1 cm diameter, stem 2-7 cm tall * 0.05-0.15 cm thick
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Marasmius rotula is a small, delicate, whitish agaric with a parachute-like cap and a slender tough stem. The mushroom thrives in environments characterized by the presence of deceased deciduous hardwood roots, fallen trunks, branches, and twigs. Its preferred habitats include hedgerows and woodlands, with only occasional occurrences on conifer wood.

Cap broadly convex and soon develops a navel-like central depression, appearing pleated with a flat top and squarish sides when viewed from the side. It is bald, and dry, with a brownish colour in the depression and white elsewhere. The flesh is white and very thin. Gills attached to a small "collar" encircling the stem and are white to yellowish-white in colour, spaced apart. Stem coloured as the cap at the apex, becoming darker brown towards the base, very slender, shiny. The stem has no ring. Spore print white.

Microscopic Features: Spores are ellipsoidal to pip-shaped, smooth, measuring 7-9 x 3.5-4.5μm, and appear hyaline.

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