Mycena pura (Poison Radish Ground Mycena)
Europe, North America
Cap 2-6 cm diameter, stem 3-9 cm tall * 0.3-1 cm thick
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Mycena pura, also known as the Poison Radish Ground Mycena, is a small to medium-sized agaric that exhibits significant colour variation, often displaying purple tints. Certain variations are recognized as separate species or varieties, but all of them emit a distinct radish odour. This species is commonly found in wooded and open habitats, thriving in humus-rich soil.

Cap starts off convex or bell-shaped, then flattens out with a slight umbo. It has a lined margin and is smooth without any hair. When young, it is usually lilac to purple, but it often fades or changes to other shades like whitish, yellowish, pinkish brown, or reddish. Gills adnexed to adnate, may be sinuate and notched; whitish or sometimes slightly pinkish to purplish; developing cross-veins with maturity. Stem equal in width, hollow, and can be smooth or have fine hairs. It is typically the same colour as the cap or slightly lighter. The stem has no ring. Spore print white.

Microscopic Features: Spores are ellipsoidal to subcylindrical, smooth, measuring 6-9 x 3-4μm. They display amyloid characteristics.

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