Phallus rubicundus (Devil’s Stinkhorn)
North America, Australia, Asia, Africa
Cap 1-2 cm diameter; stem 3-12 cm tall x 0.5-3 cm diameter
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Phallus rubicundus also known as Devil’s Stinkhorn, is a species in the stinkhorn family and has a wide distribution in tropical regions. It has the typical stinkhorn structure consisting of a spongy stalk up to 12 cm tall arising from a gelatinous "egg" up to 3 cm in diameter.

Cap attached to the top of the stem and is conic or nearly so. It’s often becoming perforated at the apex and is smooth or finely wrinkled. The color is red to pink with a whitish lower margin and it’s initially covered by dark brown to nearly black spore slime. Stem cylindric or somewhat swollen in the middle or below. It’s dry and pinkish red to pink when fresh, fading to pale orange. It’s hollow with the base enclosed in a white, brown-stained volva 1–2 cm high. Spores yellowish in color. The spores suspension in gleba makes it impossible to produce a conventional spore print.

Microscopic Features: The spores are elliptical, smooth, yellowish in colour, and measure 4-5µm by 2-2.5µm.

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