Phyllotopsis nidulans (Mock Oyster)
Europe, North America
Cap 2-10 cm diameter
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Phyllotopsis nidulans, commonly known as mock oyster or the orange oyster, has a fruit body that consists of a fan-shaped, light orange fuzzy cap that grows singly or in overlapping clusters. The cap underside is crowded with orange gills. Mock oyster mushrooms have a strong, unpleasant odour and grow on deadwood of hardwoods and conifers.

Cap roughly fan-shaped or semicircular, with a convex shape and a dry texture. It is prominently hairy, especially when young, occasionally displaying a whitish dusting initially but quickly transitioning to bright orange, which fades to yellowish orange or orangish-yellow over time. When young, the margin is rolled inward. The flesh is pale orange, soft and not changing when sliced. Gills close or nearly crowded, thin with frequent short-gills. They range in colour from bright to pale orange. Stem very short or nonexistent. Spore print very pale pink.

Microscopic Features: Spores measure 4.5–6 x 1.5–2.5 µm and are allantoid, smooth, and hyaline in KOH, with no amyloid reaction.

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