Russula aeruginea (Green Brittlegill)
Europe, North America
Cap 4-9 cm diameter, stem 4-8 cm tall * 0.7-2 cm thick
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Russula aeruginea, also known as Green Brittlegill, has a convex to depressed green cap that is often marked with rust- to red-brown spots and frequently has furrows at the margin. The mushroom grows alone or in scattered groups on soil under birch.

Cap convex when young, becoming broadly convex to flat with a shallow depression. It is somewhat sticky and shiny, pale green to light grey-green, more rarely olive green and the skin can easily be peeled off halfway to the centre. The flesh is white, moderately thick, granular and brittle and not changing when sliced. Gills adnexed (attached to the stem at an angle), close together and often fork near the stem. The colour ranges from creamy to pale yellow, sometimes developing brown spots in certain areas. Stem white, sometimes with rust spotting, more or less equal, smooth. The flesh is white, fairly firm but brittle and full. It has no ring. Spore print cream-yellow coloured.

Microscopic Features: Spores are ellipsoidal, measuring 6-10 x 5-7μm (excluding spines). They have rounded warts, about 0.7μm tall, interconnected by a few fine lines, forming a partial network.

Similar species include Amanita phalloides (Death Cap) which has a ring and is not a Russula.

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