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Suillus bovinus   (Cow mushroom)
Europe, Asia, North America and Australia
Cap 3-10 cm diameter, stem 4-6 cm tall * 0.5-1 cm thick

Suillus bovinus, also known as the Cow mushroom, is a small, orange-rusty brown bolete, with a convex to flat cap and short, ringless stem. The mushroom occurs often in large groups beneath pine trees, often beside forest paths, in clearings and at the edges of woods.

Cap grey-yellow or ochre with a pink tinge, initially convex, then flat with a wavy margin. The flesh is spongy and rubbery, whitish, yellowish or clay-coloured and has a fruity smell. Pores generally recurrent, at first pallid olive or buff, becoming more ochraceous with age, angular, compound, unequal, large. Tubes greyish with vinaceous tinge, more or less decurrent. Spores brownish olive. Stem pallid yellowish sienna, more or less equal or tapering at the base. The mushroom has no ring.

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