Xeromphalina campanella (Bell Omphalina)
Europe, North America
Cap 0.5-2 cm diameter, stem 1-5 cm tall * 0.1-0.3 cm thick
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Xeromphalina campanella, also known as the Bell Omphalina or Golden Trumpet, is a small yellow-orange mushroom characterized by its centrally depressed cap, gills that extend downward along the stem, white spore print, and its tendency to grow in dense clusters on decaying conifer wood. This species can be found during any wet season of the year.

Cap begins convex, later becoming broadly convex with a central depression and arched margin. It is smooth and dry, showing wide margin lines when wet. Its colour varies from brownish-yellow to rusty orange, typically darker at the centre, and tends to fade with time. Gills decurrent (running down the stem), fairly distant, usually with many cross-veins. The colour is pale yellow or orangish and short-gills aree present near the cap margin. Stem thin, brown, yellow at the apex, reddish brown below, with brown or yellow hairs at the base. The basal mycelium is orange to yellow. The stem has no ring. Spore print white.

Microscopic Features: Spores measure 5.5–7 x 3–4.5 µm, with a smooth, ellipsoid shape, displaying slight to moderate amyloid characteristics.

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