Mushroom identification

Cup fungi

Cup fungi are a group of fungi characterized by their cup-shaped fruiting bodies, which resemble small, often colourful bowls or cups. These fungi typically belong to the Ascomycota phylum and are known for their diverse colours and habitats. They are commonly found growing on decaying wood, leaf litter, or in soil.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them, and click on the captions to see the details and additional pictures. Remember that comparing the mushroom's likeness to a photograph is not a sufficient identification method. Always check all the characteristics to confirm the identification. « Go back to the start of the identification

Many mushrooms are poisonous and some are lethally poisonous. It can be very difficult to distinguish between an edible and a poisonous mushroom. Because of that, we strongly advise against consuming wild mushrooms, and this site does not contain any information about the edibility or toxicity of mushrooms.

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